www.LiteBlue.USPS.Gov  is an internet site owned by the US Postal Service or USPS.  The USPS in America is the primary mail, parcel & courier delivery services. Even though it’s a federal govt sponsored business, it’s still the major player over both the private and the public  sectors. United State Postal Service Offer great on-line services and solutions to the consumers. As a portion to take the U.S.P.S employee related service on-line, they have created with an extranet that is called Liteblue. By using this site, U.S.P.S employees or USPS workers could monitor their own benefits, advantage, work related opportunities plus a variety of other info and data related to United States Postal Service corporate life. To use it, the USPS employees need to visit  the  LiteBlue internet site:  www.liteblue.usps.gov

In the home page, the employees need to provide their Employee I.D plus the user Pin number, that would have been already provided to the employees. If the employees want to reset their User Pin , they can do it by clicking the “Click here” link available in the log-in section. Employees could use this LiteBlue extranet application to refer to the various employee related policies. Employees could also use this application to provide feedback to the top Management.


Did you get any mail in your mailbox today? Most likely, you did. Do you know how the mail can get to your home? You would be amazed to find out the USPS company is actually a business just like every other. In the book written by Ronald Williams Jr, “Thinking Inside the LiteBlue Box,” you’ll find an area of the mailing service which you won’t have even thought about. So what precisely the LiteBlue is? It is the heart of the matter: the USPS people.

On “Deep Inside Liteblue,” Ronald Williams Jr looks at what exactly the correspondence delivery company all about and what is going on inside the business. Quite a few of the similar problems that happen in just about many other businesses such as management issues, interpersonal problems, regarding union, moral issues, safety troubles, personality, attitude & cultural problems.As a company, USPS has the same issues just like your local business. If you want to understand what where and how about busines like U.S Postal Service, Williams J.r has many ideas, two books complete! his ideas in these books will certainly work for any kind of business, not only the particular one he is inside of…


Thinking Inside the LiteBlue Box
by Ronald Williams. Lite Blue – 142417189X (ISBN)