USPS Launches Improved Employee LiteBlue Website

The latest LiteBlue Web-site having new features, new look but no different commitment or with the same function for all  U.S.P.S employees. United State postal service  has released a renewed LiteBlue that is provided for helping all USPS workers/ employees to keep better informed regarding the corporation, careers,  benefits and employment opportunities in the Postal careers.

Nowadays LiteBlue USPS grow to become a employee’s destination to obtain any kind of data information about the employees. By utilizing the LiteBlue web-site, the USPS employees certainly would get fast access to the postal career, or employment benefits easily.” The newest LiteBlue site is more than simply a remodeling or makeover . The liteblue now is a shared development of three fields: Human Resources,Corporate Communications & Information Technology –

To meet the Postal / USPS Service’s commitments to trovide USPS employees or USPS workers with 1-stop internet on-line resource taht is easy, quick plus simple to utilize . Plus it’s the U.S.P.S response to any employee feedback to make information that are needed easily plus quickly available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

LiteBlueThe USPS are satisfied to have the ability to help making LiteBlue to become more accessible as well as attractive for their employees or workers. It is all about providing the information or data that is needed by the employees much easier & quicker to obtain. IT definitely looks forward delivering more features in the long run that could benefit Postal employees or USPS workers.”

LiteBlue USPS website consists of more information regarding Human Resources than older models. USPS Employees could now access easily a wide variety of relevant health, life as well as employment choices on the “My HR” press button of the LiteBlue web-site. Continuing are more preferred applications on the LiteBlue site, like PostalEase, e-Job bidding and also Address changed. Whether it is applications, policies or forms, user can continue on obtaining the most recent H.R info on LiteBlue website.”LiteBlue

“Unique features additionally have been applied to the LiteBlue site”

Click “Behind the Blue”, it is a process   “How does US Postal Service do that?” Also there are some links to the updates of Shipping and Sustainability Services updates, district news, area and info that explain how everyone may support United States Postal Service confront challenges as well as meet corporate targets.

You will need your own Employee ID plus USPS PIN number for checking out LiteBlue. If you do not have or loose your PIN, you can visit the Log In web page of the  Lite Blue and simply click “Forget PIN?” next enter your own employee ID #, and ask for a new one.

LiteBlue.USPS.Gov  internet site is secure, reliable and very convenient. Take a look and tell us what you feel about the content and format  of the new site. Send it to:….




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