How to Get a Copy of My Postal Service Pay Stub

Postal Service Pay Stub  – If you are working for United States Postal Service (USPS), you could check and get the copy of your Postal Service Pay Stub through the internet (LiteBlue network)

No matter whether you get your paycheck stub in the mailbox & missing it or even select the electronic method, you absolutely could sign into LiteBlue web-site, make use of the e-Payroll application & obtain a paycheck stub. They are held in the e-Payroll application for about 20 months (the last 40 pay cycles)


  1. Browse the LiteBlue network for U.S Postal Service employees & log-in. Type in your own employee I.D, your PIN and next click on the “Log On” tab.
  2. Navigate to the USPS employee form slide carousel located at the middle of the USPS LiteBlue homepage.
  3. From the selection of applications, please Select “ePayroll”.
  4. Under the “Pay Date” column please click on the link for the desired date. The U.S Postal Service pay stub is going to pop up in another browser window.
  5. Just Click on the “Print This Page” button located in the top left section of the page, or you may choose “File” in the web browser’s top site navigation menu, and then just click “Print.”
  6. Choose a printer & you may adjust setting options as needed in the “Print” dialogue box.

Tips and Warning that you should know:

  • The USPS PIN and PostalEase PIN is identical
  • The ePayroll application can be accessed from the “My HR” web page through an internal computer in the company.
  • LiteBlue network internet site can only be used only by USPS employees, all other access is not allowed, prohibited and illigal…

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