– The Online Acces For USPS Employees

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ‘250’; medianet_crid=’273123415′; is the internet website link where all USPS employees could log on and access the LiteBlue online, which is a part of the United States Postal Service Extranet. United States Postal Service or USPS, an independent agency of the US federal government, was founded in 1775 and shoulders the […]

Should You Be Thinking About USPS Careers?

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USPS Careers – When you are seeking to get a career, you may think about the US Postal Service 0r USPS career. After Walmart, USPS has the 2nd largest number of workers  in the US. It provides many different types of job with reasonable salary and an excellent set of […]

USPS Change of Address for Postal Employees On Liteblue

It is very important to keep the contact and address information of yours up-to-date . Nowadays for US Postal Employees USPS Change of Address could be made any time on the internet 24×7. Postal employees may update their phone numbers,  mailing addresses, or emergency contacts through the LiteBlue website.

You need to use Employee ID […]

eRetire — Employee USPS Retirement Application on LiteBlue

What is “eRetire”?  It is a self-service application for new employees that enable them to decide the retirement plan using internet through LiteBlue web-site.  The  usps retirement form is for 2 sets of USPS employees:

Postal Employees within five years of retirement eligibility Employees that are at the moment qualified for USPS retirement, and all […]

USPS Launches Improved Employee LiteBlue Website

The latest LiteBlue Web-site having new features, new look but no different commitment or with the same function for all USPS employees. USPS has released a renewed LiteBlue that is provided for helping all USPS employees or USPS workers keep better informed regarding the corporation, careers,  benefits and employment opportunities in the Postal careers.

Nowadays LiteBlue […]

USPS Employment Requirements You Should Know About

LiteBlue – Have you been thinking to be an USPS employee? Or maybe just wondering what it would be like to work with the USPS Employment system.  If you are  having that kind of thingking in your mind, we get some some answer for your question. If you consider to become or join the USPS […]

Federal and USPS Employees – Will OPM Approve Disability Retirement

LiteBlue – The topic of this article is whether morbid obesity  or  obesity, may possibly qualify people for CSRS or FERS  Disability retirement by using or through OPM. As you know Obesity problem is actually a documented & diagnosable medical problem condition. “LiteBlue“In the real world of Government Disability Retirement application, however, O.P.M employees and […]

How to Get a Copy of My Postal Service Pay Stub

Postal Service Pay Stub  – If you are working for United States Postal Service (USPS), you can check and get the copy of your Postal Service Pay Stub through the internet (LiteBlue network)…

Whether you receive your pay stub in the mail and misplaced it or choose the paperless option, you can log onto LiteBlue, use […]

Using USPS Lite Blue Website

USPS Lite Blue – All USPS employees can use the USPS Lite Blue website to find all kind information they need regarding their employment statues, employment benefits, insurance, pension etc. So if you need to get the latest news regarding the USPS and your own current benefits status, you can just simply use the comunication […]