USPS Change of Address for Postal Employees On Liteblue

It is very important to keep the contact and address information of yours up-to-date . Nowadays for U.S Postal Employees USPS Change of Address could be made any time on the internet 24×7. Postal workers or employees may update their call numbers,  mailing addresses, or emergency contacts through the LiteBlue website.

You need to use your USPS Employee  ID along with the PIN number to login to LiteBlue. From there under Employee Resources just select the link Change of Address/Telephone/Emergency Contact. Current information of yours would be shown on the Addres/Telephone/Emergency Contact page form. Updating your own data, click on the Edit button or tab, and you are on the right path. To review just follow the prompts, save it and next confirm the changed you are just made, and you are done.

As soon as you have finished updating, you need to close the browser. By doing that you’ll be signed out of the LiteBlue Change of Address application page. Any time you come back to log in to the Liteblue internet site, the updated data or information of yours would be shown.

The following options are available for current U.S Postal Service employ­ees to change their mailing address or record:

1. Through the Internet. Changing your own data information or data using LiteBlue:

You need to go to the LiteBlue homepage  >> (
Enter your own USPS  employee ID  number and password
  •  At the very top of the Lite blue page Click-on  My HR tab >> click  “CHANGE MY ADDRESS” >>  and then click “EDIT”  (You can edit any necessary  information.such as phone number, mailing address, emergency contact numbers)
  • After you finished changing the necessry information, click the “REVIEW” tab to make sure if there is no mistake when filling your current data information.
  • And  the click “SAVE”.

2. By Kiosk

Every United States Postal Service  employees could change their own addresses simply just by using  PC kiosks that are located in large Processing and Distribution Centres  at some Post Office  facilities. Click on the tab link titled Preset Job Info/Change of Address on main Kiosk web-site page.

3. By Mail

You could Send P.S Form 1216, USPS change Address, to the address below:

POBOX 970400
GREENSBORO – N.C 27497-0400, USA

4. By Phone

  • Call HRSSC phone number : 877-477-3273,
  • choose the 5th option
  • the follow the prompts to be able speaking to someone that would assist you.


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