USPS Employment Requirements You Should Know About

LiteBlue – Have you been thinking to be an USPS employee? Or maybe just wondering what it would be like to work with the USPS Employment system.  If you are  having that kind of thingking in your mind, we get some some answer for your question. If you consider to become or join the USPS Employment team, so you may want to find out regarding the requirements to become the USPS Employment.

Just like any job in America, there is certainly 1 fundamental requirement: you must be a U.S citizen. But, to get accepted in USPS work, there is other thing beside being a citizen of America, you need to be a at least 18 year old American citizen. It’s the 1st thing which you will discover among any other requirements….

The next thing is for males. Those born after the year 1959 have to be a part of something. This is referred to as the Selective Service System. Don’t ask us why, this is just a part of the things that are mandatory of you.USPS Employment

The next thing that you will find is that you have to tell them who you’ve worked for in the past. Those who have had a lot of experience will need to list their employers from the last ten years. However, those who are just starting out in the working world won’t need to go as far back. They will only need to list those they’ve worked for since they were sixteen years of age.

They will also look into the typical things such as your criminal convictions if you have had any. They want to make sure they can depend on you. That means that they want to know that you haven’t been into any serious kinds of trouble. On top of that, they might even do a drug test on you as well to make sure you are clean in that area as well..”LiteBlue

While they are looking into things, they might even look into your driving record. They would  want to know that you carry insurance. You will be on their insurance as well. Therefore, they don’t want you if you are going to cost them money. So, they will want to know that you know how to drive and well for that matter.LiteBlue

Last, they will access that you are in good physical condition. They know that this job is demanding. You know that it will be demanding. You will be on your feet long hours. It might even entail that you have to be able to pick up a certain amount. Therefore, you are asked to have a physical done before they will hire you. This is what you need to know about USPS Employment requirement.” LiteBlue

To help you locate and apply for jobs with the U.S Postal Service, please check out our guide to finding USPS Employment.


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