Using USPS Lite Blue Website

USPS Lite Blue – All US Postal Service employees are able to use the USPS Lite Blue web-site to access all data information they want regarding their own employment statues, employment benefits, employment insurance,employment pension etc. So anytime you need to receive / find out the most recent news, information or announcement regarding the US Postal Service such as your own current benefits status, you could easily use the communication services area on the USPS LiteBlue website.


  • Visit the LiteBlue internet site (see website Resources). You will see the liteblue site in the USPS Extranet.
  • Complete the required information needed of the login screen. Next You will want to have some types I . d . to be able to get into the USPS LiteBlue. What you need is your U.S Postal Service employee I.D number.If you do not know your ID number You’ll find it on your own earnings statements. Also you will need to provide the USPS pin number connect to PostalEASE.
  • Browse through the USPS Lite Blue pages to get the latest information on a variety of levels within your job development. here You can also get information regarding your own revenue, benefits package, as well as service performance.
  • You are allowed to leave comments on LiteBlue site. Should you wish to get further details or have oppinions, then click the feedback button on USPS LiteBlue to send out a message or email to the LiteBlue website administrators. “LiteBlue

About internet portal is designed for The USPS Extranet which operates as a website portal which can be accessed by thousands of USPS employees across the nation. It’s created to enable much quicker communication as well as the opportunity to keep in touch with the USPS network anytime anywhere. The United States Postal Service extranet is continuously to grow and get better and better so visiting the LiteBlue website on regular basis to obtain fresh and latest information about postal career in the U.S is strongly recommended to all USPS employees.

Also the functions as a site where you can view your own employee benefits. Just sign in to find all your files by using your United States Postal Service employee I.D and the P.I.N number. Liteblue is a secure website and it is safe plus SSL protected, so that you do not have to get worried about your own information / data being sent un-encrypted.

NOTE: The Lite Blue website is provided for members and the U.S.P.S employees only. Unauthorised access is against the law….


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