eRetire — Employee USPS Retirement Application on LiteBlue

What is “eRetire”?  It is a self-service application for new employees that enable them to decide the retirement plan using internet through LiteBlue web-site.  The  usps retirement form is for 2 sets of U.S.P.S employees:

  • Postal Employees within five years of retirement eligibility
  • Employees that are at the moment qualified for USPS retirement, and all those within half a year of retirement eligibility.

Here is the step by step to go to “eRetire” page on Lite blue internet site:

  • Go to
  • You need your YSPS employee I.D number to sign in
  • Enter  the PIN
  • Go to Employee Apps-Quick Link (MyHR tab)
  • Click the button of “the Employee Apps” located at the very bottom of My HR pages.
  • from the EmployeeApps options you need to select “eRetire”

The annuity estimates basically are available via liteblue eRetire web-site only for USPS full-time employees that meet the eligibility specifications mentioned above. The USPS Part-time employees also Postal Inspectors are required to do it manually for annuity estimate plus they have to contact or call the HR Shared ServicesCenter to get a manual esti­mate annuity . It will be mailed to the U.S.P.S employee’s mailing address in about 2 weeks.


For USPS employees within just five years of retiring:

Full-time U.S.P.S employees within five years of retirement qualification date can immediately visit online to see as well as print their own annuity estimate based upon effective retiring dates of:..

  • retirement eligibility date of the USPS employee
  • retirement eligibility date + six months (half year)
  • retirement eligibility date + twelve monts ( 1 year)

For USPS employees that are eligible at present  for retirement, or at least within 6 months (180 days) of postal employee retirement eligibility:

Print / view Immediately their own annuity estimation based on employee retirement effect times / dates of:

  • The begining of the following month (or, from the retirement eligibility date of the employee, in case the postal employee isn’t yet qualified but he or she is within  6 months or 180 days of emploree’s retirement eligibility).
  • The begining of the following month +  6 months.
  • The begining of the following month +  1 year (12 months)

Effective date.  Postal Employees have to be within half a year of retirement eligibility & may possibly enter the custom date, which can not be over half a year since the eRetire request  was made  . An annuity estimation to your cus­tom date mentioned would be accessible to print / view within in about 24 hours ( one day) of the request.

Order, print or download  Retirement App Package.  Employees could print retirement app forms  from LiteBlue website directly through eRe­tire web page or they can order the USPS retirement app package for delivery within seven to ten days of the first request date.

Arrange Counseling Session for retirement.  USPS Employees could plan a group retirement info-sharing session by choos­ing a meeting date range which is no earlier than ninety days  before their own retirement eligibility time / date. The system shows appointment dates that available to choose.


There are 3 options for employees to be able to access USPS eRetire website on the internet:

  • On LiteBlue web-site >>  Employee Apps  >> Look for the Quick Links carousel located in the home page center >> select eRetire.
  • Click on My HR tab located at the very top of LiteBlue’s navigation bar >> Find the section of Employee Apps  >> from the Employee Apps options provided Select eRetire .
  • Click on the tab of the Employee Apps located  at the lower part of ev­ery single My HR web page >> then from the Employee Apps options provided select eRetire .LiteBlue

Note: To visit Lite Blue internet site (LiteBlue.USPS.Gov),  Postal  Employees need to have their own US Postal Service Employee I.D &  PIN numbers.

USPS eRetire is accessible now.Go to …..



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