What You Need to Do on LiteBlue USPS Before Retire

When you leave LiteBlue service, you won’t be able to access the service and information that you keep in LiteBlue. This condition occurs once you end the service. therefore, it’s important for you to download the list below from LiteBlue.usps.gov, so you can keep your records.

Several information that you need to get from LiteBlue USPS before you retire are:

  • eOPF, you need to get all of them

  • ePayroll earning statement

  • W-2s in PostalEASE

  • Other information that you think may will be useful later.

Most of postal employee has problem with OPM, once you retire. Those documents are needed to deal with that problem. And, you can get it by using your LiteBlue Account, to download all of them, before you decide to retire. After you download them, you can save and keep the for later.

Here are the steps to download the eOPF document that you need:

  • Open “Access Personal Folder Now!”

  • Choose “Print Entire eOPF.”

    • On your LiteBlue account, you can get this document in PDF format. Just find it by using small box that you can find on the lower left corner of screen. You may need to save this PDF format file, so you can reuse it later. Plus, you also can save the printed copy version.

To get incentive payment, once you are eligible for it:

Get the PS Form 3077 from your account

  • Provide address to employing office where you want incentive payment will be send.

  • Like in agreement, you need to complete PS Form 3077, use Froward Salary Check and send it to employing office.

  • Without PS Form 3077, the incentive payment will be send to address where you last worked.

You can update the address by using LiteBlue USPS.Gov website When you have problem with it, you can use PS Form 3077.



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